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from gina

Do you ever wonder if true and lasting peace can be found in the midst of the chaos all around you? We all long for peace, the kind of peace that elicits a beautiful picture of a sunset above still waters with birds in perfect flight. But it doesn't take long for that picture to be interrupted by the brokenness all around us. Sickness comes our way; careers come to an end; dreams are shattered; relationships crumble; marriages fall apart; and children rebel. There is brokenness - all around us! Before we know it, we start allowing for that brokenness to define us and the ever-so-dangerous game of comparison begins.

The truth is, I had no idea that what started out as journals to help me process a season in my life would bring old and new brokenness to the surface, resulting in a book. A book that was born out of a wiser-than-me friend's question: "What does peace look like here, Gina?" Peace in the Brokenness is a mix of my story and the tools God showed me as I dug into His Word, the Bible, to find the answer to her question. I honestly did not see this book coming, but here it is!

My prayer is that the book would be an encouragement to you in whatever season of life you are in and that you would be able to "find what peace looks like there."